Use a Napkin

The other day, I stopped to meet some VIP guests who were waiting to meet my executive. I shook hands with them, smiled, welcomed them to our offices and told them that I hoped they enjoyed our small town. They assured me that they were having a wonderful visit and were very impressed with our organization. They thought we had a great culture, loved our facilities and were looking forward to meeting our CEO. Smiling and nodding, I assured them that he would be arriving shortly and then I turned to notice our staff member who was hosting them at their casual breakfast. He turned to greet me and I noticed that he had sugar completely coating his lips. I was so shocked and for a minute, wondered if there was some way I could politely let him know. It was so out of place at this business meeting and made him look rather unprofessional, if not completely childish. I wanted to point to my own mouth as if to say, “You’ve got a crumb on your lip” but it was too far gone – there was sugar everywhere!

I was shocked and wondered how this group of visiting gentlemen who run a billion-dollar company must view this scenario. I didn’t think it looked good. Manners matter, all the time. When you are eating, be sure to use a napkin. If you are at a restaurant, place your napkin on your lap before you eat anything. And then use that napkin! When you take a bite of food, think about what your face looks like and clean yourself up!

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